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ISF Animal Sanctuary Bracelet- with Ian Somerhalder’s autograph

For a limited time only buy a version of the bracelet with an authentic Ian Somerhalder Autograph charm

15% of every sale goes directly to ISF!
What are you waiting for??

Get your own and know that you are supporting a great cause!

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What people think of Canvas Warriors

We ordered “Trekkie” Chucks for my son –  I’m thinking it was 4 years ago.  He still wears them everyday and has held up so nicely. Unbelievable with all the miles he has put on them! He receives comments weekly after all this time! You sure do have a great talent!”

After impatiently waiting, the day had finally arrived. The moment my eyes fell on my purchase, I fell in love! Sorry husband, you have (for a moment) been replaced by the ultimate, geektastic, amazing, epic  knee high Converse. Now, a little while later, I have fulfilled my promise to wear my shoes at work (where they were photographed by a colleague) and have had a gazillion reactions to the facebook pictures. The boots are in a prominent position in my living room and are undoubtedly the coolest shoes I have ever owned. Not only have I bought a pair of kick-ass shoes, I can also say I have gained friends through this purchase. Join the Canvas Warriors Revolution and get recruited. You will not be disappointed!

Hi! I bought several necklaces from your booth at FACTS (Ghent) yesterday and I’m still very,very happy with them. Thank you! 🙂 Your booth probably had so much success because of the simple fact that you let people put together charms they want into the kind of necklace or bracelet they always wanted to have. People got and get to be creative and inspired.The shoes I saw at FACTS from you yesterday looked/look gorgeous. I definitely plan on buying from canvas warriors again. 🙂

My daughter received the custom Chucks last week and hasn’t stopped wearing them since! Who would have thought that custom painted shoes could make someone so happy! You are so talented and you far exceeded my expectations – thanks again!